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Harley-Davidson Footwear is made with style and performance in-mind, combining classic designs with distinctive Harley-Davidson detailing. Our Harley-Davidson boots have great features such as full grain leather, round toes, goodyear welt construction, lace-up fronts, padded tongue and collars, zide zippers, reflective material for visibility, slip and abrasion resistant Vibram rubber traction sole, waterpoofing, and oil resisting rubber soles. So if you want a comfortable boot that is protective, completely flexible, offers no loss of feel, is breathable and waterproof all rolled into one, then check out our Harley-Davidson boot collection.
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Harley-Davidson Womens Mading Sneaker
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Harley-Davidson boots offer the following:

Weather protection: Motorcycle boots can be designed with a variety of features that offer improved conditions in various types of weather. Getting caught in the rain can be a real downer for your whole body. For your feet this means getting wet on the inside, as well as on the out. Some of our Harley-Davidson boots are designed to keep you dry and safe at the same time.

Outer foot protection: Boots can protect your feet from abrasion when they are well-stitched and it stay on your foot, our Harley-Davidson boots offer slip and abrasion resistant rubber traction soles that will protect your feet.

Stiff soles: Regular shoes will flex depending on the terrain and obstacles. Motorcycle boots are typically in one position- on a footpeg. If you go on a long ride with regular soft soled shoes, you’ll notice that your foot bottom can get sore from being on the peg along with the vibration transferred to it from the bike. This is why motorcycle boots typically have very stiff soles, usually reinforced to keep your feet comfortable during riding.

Laces: Harley-Davidson boots have specific features that help prevent the boot laces from catching on things on the bike. A common danger for any rider wearing shoes with shoe laces on them is to take your foot of the peg, try to touch the ground, only to find that your shoe laced latched on to the foot peg - not a good situation to deal with! This is why you see motorcycle boots either without any laces at all, or if they do have them, they usually have some type of cover or strap covering the laces.